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Tips for your skin before bed...  Tips for Your Skin Before Bed...

Don't have the time to have a time-consuming skin care routine in the morning? Take some time before you go to bed. All you need is 5 minutes!

There are things you can do before you go to sleep that will make big improvements in your skin, no matter if you want to work on acne, fine lines, dull or dry skin.

Many people just grab a facial cleansing cloth before bed, but by taking a little time to invest in your skin instead of just wiping away the makeup, benefits will build over time and you'll see what little it takes to see big changes.

Even if you don't do all of these steps or use all of these products, we hope it will encourage you to carve out a few extra minutes before bed to care for your body's biggest organ.

1.  Cleanse

It's the obvious first step, we know, but so often we fall into bed after a long day and don't really think it's a huge deal if we skip a night or two of face washing, especially if you wear a certain mineral makeup that tells you it's safe to sleep in.

But the reality is, your skin has been put through a lot during the day.

Do you know how many times you touch your face each day? (And who knows what else you touched before you touched your face!) Your skin's natural oils build up, dry skin cells have shed, your makeup is sitting on the surface; when you really think about what has happened to your skin throughout the day, it's hard to crawl into bed without washing.

2.  Exfoliate

If you're counting the minutes to make sure we stop at five, there is good news here, depending on what exfoliator you're using; many exfoliating products should only be used two or three times a week.

3.  Treatment Product

Now that you've cleansed and exfoliated, it's time to use the treatment products.

We recommend the best rejuvenator and anti-aging serum on the planet, Forte Super Serum. The great part about using this product at night versus in the morning is that it has time to work while you're sleeping and you can wake up with results.

4.  Moisturize

Don't hit the hay without a dose of moisture. You should always moisturize after washing, as soon after washing as possible. Your skin can easily get dehydrated while you sleep, so your last step should always be a moisturizer.

And there you go! Less than 5 minutes.

5.  Sleeping Position

If you're a belly sleeper, you might deal with puffy eyes and morning face creases. Over time and with repeated creasing, fine lines get deeper.

To get an idea of how wrinkles form, picture a paperclip. When you bend that paperclip back and forth and back and forth, after a while, the paperclip will break.

This is the same with your skin. Repetitive motions that cause creases in your skin will break the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin and cause wrinkles anywhere on the face, not just around the eyes.

Try sleeping on your back to reduce this repetitive creasing. Also use a silk pillow case. When you use a silk pillow case, your skin is able to slide easier and won't get tugged or pulled by the pillow case.

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